Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thoughts for today

Like about, oh, a gajillionzillion other folks around the interwebnet, I think Walt Whitman sets the tone rather nicely for today (or really, any election day).

And to get you weepy, there's this from Salon's Alex Koppleman, who is sharing reader-submitted accounts of today's happenings:

From East Point, Georgia, near Atlanta:

"Huge turnout -- bigger than I’ve ever seen at our polling place. Lots and lots of young African-Americans. People with their children in tow. Taking photos with cellular telephones and video-cameras to document what everyone agreed was a wonderful sight to see. Great to see.

When I finally made it through the 2-hour-long line and nearly to the voting booth, an older African-American man in front of the line kept letting people go in front of him. When he told me to go ahead, I said, “Don’t you need to vote too?” He told me that he was going to need help and that a woman with whom I guess he’d been waiting had agreed to help him. So he was waiting for her. She happened to be in the booth next to me and so I heard them talking when he went up to vote. It was clear very quickly that he could not read. She helped him to make his choices. I couldn’t help but overhear who was his choice. It was a great thing to see that he was so determined to vote -- most likely for the first time in his life. I think change has already happened to some extent…"

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