Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I am remiss!

Well, thank you Wendy McClure, your book was indeed fun, and it provided me with a holiday gift idea. Yippee! One more off the list.

Yet, I am remiss: I never linked to the man who started it all, James Lileks! His Institute of Official Cheer houses The Gallery of Regrettable Food, over which D and I had many a teary-laughter-filled morning at GCI.

I urge you to pay Ms. McClure and Mr. Lileks a visit, whip up some fluffy mackerel pudding, and wash it down with dainty cup of sherry-based chicken bullion. And don't forget the pat of butter!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Various and Sundry From the Past Month

Ooooh, once again, I'm a lazy, bad blogger. I keep my three fans waiting for an entire month for something interesting to read. So, to orders of business first:

1. New link for The South End Is Over (kudos to RBD for alerting me to this site.)
2. Welcome to Planet Earth, Miss E and Miss Z. Your mommies are happy to have their bodies back.
3. Busted leg is recovering nicely.
4. No job yet. Sweat pants are still clean, but recent purchases of two new hoodies are concerning the Husband.
5. Finally started reading Wendy McClure's I'm Not the New Me

Okay, that's out of the way! Should I start the psuedo-philisophical navel gazing now? Rats..I said I was going to stop doing that and leave it to the pros. Well, that leaves the continuing story of my current unemployment journey.

Now, six years ago, during the horrendous, post-9/11 economic slump, the unemployment thing was welcome. I was footloose, fancy free, really grooving on the total lack of jobness. Fast-forward: I'm married, need health insurance, and this time, moving in with my sister is not an option.

Plus, I'm really bored. (I realize that the boredom is likely the primary result of the busted leg, as the whole "no walking unless you're being chased by a reality TV star" puts a damper on the shopping/lunching/gym-going layoff I'd envisioned.)

But it's really easy to be bored when you must do nothing.

Wanting to do nothing is a different story.