Saturday, August 22, 2009


Sometimes, even though you haven't showered, are sad, uncomfortable, and wearing stained, fold-over waist shorts from Target, you can put on your sexiest pair of shoes and feel just a little bit better.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Paragraph of the Day

I do not make a regular habit of reading Paul Krugman's column in The New York Times, but I'm always satisfied when I choose to do so. Today, in particular, was quite rewarding. I was pulled into it by the headline: The Swiss Menace. Turns out it's an Op-Ed piece about a subject slightly less near, but no less dear, to my heart: healthcare reform.

To wit:
Besides being vile and stupid, however, the editorial was beside the point. Investor’s Business Daily would like you to believe that Obamacare would turn America into Britain — or, rather, a dystopian fantasy version of Britain. The screamers on talk radio and Fox News would have you believe that the plan is to turn America into the Soviet Union. But the truth is that the plans on the table would, roughly speaking, turn America into Switzerland — which may be occupied by lederhosen-wearing holey-cheese eaters, but wasn’t a socialist hellhole the last time I looked.

I'm not sure what made me laugh more: "vile and stupid" or "lederhosen-wearing holey-cheese eaters".

Clearly, Krugman wasvon a role. But he should have taken it one step further and gone with, "lederhosen-wearing holey-cheese eating neutrality monkeys".

Saturday, August 15, 2009

So Much to Post About...Yet No Posts

You would think that the amount of sheer boredom and life-altering mishegas experienced as a result of a hoo-hoo-ectomy and it's subsequent convalescence would provide for many Deep Thoughts.


Nosiree, bob.

Actually, all I can think about is:
* When will I be able to roll over onto my left/right side?
* Did I really make the right decision, because this just sucks.
* Wow, I had no idea that EVERYTHING IN MY KITCHEN weighs more than 8 pounds and I cannot, therefore, pick it up.
* A well-mixed martini overwhelmingly outweighs the pain-relief powers of Percocet. And you don't need a prescription.
* The only man to touch me below the waist since July 18 is a highly paid professional hell-bent on causing me extreme pain by removing things in the name of saving my life. The nerve of him.
* Online shopping is fun; however, the post-surgical attempts at trying stuff on....not so much.
* If anyone else says, "Wow, you're so lucky! I wish they'd take mine out!" I will procure weapons and go from there.
* Six weeks off in the summertime when you cannot go swimming is cruel. Just plain cruel.

There is more; oh yes...much more. But perhaps that is best saved for another day when I cannot nap and there are no more "Say Yes to the Dress" marathons on TLC.