Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Toot Your Own Horn Friday

I think I need to just toot my own horn, so here's the honk. It's a sample of what I do in my, uh, real life!

Addendum with shout-outs:

* D has a new new job.
* D&M are getting married on 10/11/08.
* Ma soeur is running the Dana Farber Cancer Institute Half Marathon.
* My parents are in Vegas....and on that weird note, I'll end.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh the Irony

And that irony would be: Me, of all people, thinking (and writing) about MONEY! Yes, the horror.

Okay, it's a short one, so laugh while can.

The whole Wall Street financial crisis is like this: If I bought a house, ran up $100,000 in credit card debt, and then asked the goverment to save me and my house from the repo man, they wouldn't do it.

They'd laugh and and invoke "personal responsibility", right?

Uhmm, so near as I can tell, why are they doing it to all these idiot companies who had a bad balance sheet? Too much debt, too little capital. Pretty freakin' simple equation if you ask me.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Supposedly Fun Thing He'll Never Do Again

David Foster Wallace will never do that supposedly fun thing called life again.

And the world is a less interesting place because of it.

Wherever he lays his head, may he rest on the fluffiest, whitest towels and have endless rounds on a ferris wheel with fried dough as his manna.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Sarah Palin Post

So, I've thought about it and thought about it, and I'm sorry, but I must post something about her.

And since my brain will explode if I don't comment, I'll add my two-cents worth by doing what all really great writers do: I'll let someone who said it better speak for me.....

Props (and a Michelle fist-bump) to Accordian Guy via Broadsheet on Salon for providing the perfect note on all this.