Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'll Never Be That Girl Again

I'll never be the girl of my title/blog posts again.

And, well, I guess I'm finally okay with that. (Or am I?) I'm fourty-fucking-four, and I still want to be that girl. That 24-to-34 something who had an amazing (and I only realize it now) body; who knew good music and sought it out. Oh, and let's not mention the boys...lots and lost of them. 

Now? I suffer from a case of musical arrested development accompanied by a simultaneous case of bodily arrest. 

What happened? And when? 

When pressed, I do know what happened. This is no groundbreaking observation. The life gone; the past mourned. The thing we'll never be again but are so glad we had. It happens to all of us. If we're lucky enough, we realize that it's just age. 

But, I had it. I lived it. I wouldn't be who I am now (butt, wrinkles, and all) without it: A past. 

Thank you, my past.
My youth.
You were amazing. 
I was amazing. 
And sometimes, when all is well and good, I still am.

I traded it all for silence, stability and S.  I love him. He loves me.

Do we all choose to eventually inhabit a life that is pale and soft against the hard corners of our youth? 

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Companies, Cool, and Compost

So, that title could be taken for "companies poop" or a number of other permutations.

However, I think that what I'm getting at is that while corporate America is corporate, its citizens may not necessarily be....and that you should never judge a book by its cover.

When Company dismissed me in October, I freely admit there was irritation and, to some degree, anger. I never really wanted to make Company happy, let alone spend four-and-a-half years there. The plus side was that I met some very nice, very interesting people. And, I also met people that I suspected were very cool, but didn't really have a chance to fully know.

Turns out, I was right about my suspicions. This individual was very cool, and herein lies the compost part of the picture. Way to go! I had awesome interaction with BG and I'm so psyched to read about someone doing their part to maintain local, sustainable agriculture in New England.

Hmm....that blog makes me hungry! I think I'll go grocery shopping....