Sunday, April 13, 2008

Companies, Cool, and Compost

So, that title could be taken for "companies poop" or a number of other permutations.

However, I think that what I'm getting at is that while corporate America is corporate, its citizens may not necessarily be....and that you should never judge a book by its cover.

When Company dismissed me in October, I freely admit there was irritation and, to some degree, anger. I never really wanted to make Company happy, let alone spend four-and-a-half years there. The plus side was that I met some very nice, very interesting people. And, I also met people that I suspected were very cool, but didn't really have a chance to fully know.

Turns out, I was right about my suspicions. This individual was very cool, and herein lies the compost part of the picture. Way to go! I had awesome interaction with BG and I'm so psyched to read about someone doing their part to maintain local, sustainable agriculture in New England.

Hmm....that blog makes me hungry! I think I'll go grocery shopping....

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