Friday, May 23, 2008

A Memorial Day Pause 'n Discuss

This Memorial Day Pause 'n Discuss is brought to you by the "Brazil"-like nightmare that is the US guv'mint.....

My internet access to The New York Times online video story about an Iraqi War veteran's thoughts around Memorial Day was blocked by the Veteran's Administration's proxy server.

But I can blog, shop online, and look for a house. (Oh, I forgot, home ownership, shopping, and invading countries that pose no military threat to us are part of the American Dream!)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hey, there's a bathroom in my office!

I couldn't make this one up if I tried. There is a bathroom in my office. I'm going to take a picture and prove it to you.

I keep telling myself that this is the trade-off for having to use a PC, and suffering with highly restricted net access (no YouTube, no photo-hosting site access, no IM; the list goes on).

And now for a slight change of subject. A tribute to the letter M. For those of you who remember the "M is for Martha" segment of "The Electric Company", I hope you enjoy.

M is for Maria.
M is for Manolos.
M is for Mini.
M is Martinis.
M is for Mac.

M is for Maria, who motors in her Mini while wearing her Manolos.
M is for Maria, who likes to have a martini while mulling over her Mac.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Last Friday of Freedom

Oh my months of unemployment and all I can think to do on my last full weekend of total sloth-filled irresponsibility is watch a What Not to Wear marathon? Yikes.

However, I embrace my decision, conscious or otherwise, to avoid leveraging this now-gone opportunity to self-actualize and grow. I really do. Take, for example, the following exchange with my sister today:
Sis: I thought you went shopping with Mum today?
Me: No; I'm too busy. I have too much to do before work starts on Monday.
Sis: What the hell have you been doing for the last seven months?
Me: Jack shit, dude....I have been sitting on my ass and doing nothing, but I'm good with that. 
Sis: (through much laughter) Uh, well as long as you're okay with it.....

So, now it's down to 48 hours to reminisce about my time off. Let's recap the highlights:
• broke my leg and spent 8 weeks recovering
• started a second career as a makeup artist, thanks to L's faith in me
• had some fabulous lunches
• bought my first Manolo's
• enjoyed time with Husband
• watched much less TV than I thought I would
• saw my car get smushed and bought a new one

So for now, I must enjoy. And then, I will suck it up on Monday and begin, again, dancin' to the man's tune! And what a man this will be: The Federal Government. Gotta say, I'm just a little freaked out.