Friday, May 9, 2008

The Last Friday of Freedom

Oh my months of unemployment and all I can think to do on my last full weekend of total sloth-filled irresponsibility is watch a What Not to Wear marathon? Yikes.

However, I embrace my decision, conscious or otherwise, to avoid leveraging this now-gone opportunity to self-actualize and grow. I really do. Take, for example, the following exchange with my sister today:
Sis: I thought you went shopping with Mum today?
Me: No; I'm too busy. I have too much to do before work starts on Monday.
Sis: What the hell have you been doing for the last seven months?
Me: Jack shit, dude....I have been sitting on my ass and doing nothing, but I'm good with that. 
Sis: (through much laughter) Uh, well as long as you're okay with it.....

So, now it's down to 48 hours to reminisce about my time off. Let's recap the highlights:
• broke my leg and spent 8 weeks recovering
• started a second career as a makeup artist, thanks to L's faith in me
• had some fabulous lunches
• bought my first Manolo's
• enjoyed time with Husband
• watched much less TV than I thought I would
• saw my car get smushed and bought a new one

So for now, I must enjoy. And then, I will suck it up on Monday and begin, again, dancin' to the man's tune! And what a man this will be: The Federal Government. Gotta say, I'm just a little freaked out. 

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