Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Open Letter to Gays and Lesbians Everywhere!

I am a totally unofficial representative of my six-state region, so I can do this: On behalf of all of New England, I invite you to move here and keep our economy robust.

So pack your dogs, cats, babies, and TiVos. Bring your income, your companies, your professions, and your brains.

What? New England you say? What do they have that's so fabulous?

Well, we've got oodles of ocean, hundreds of hills, four real seasons, big cities and small ones. We've got Provincetown, Brattleboro, Greenwich, Providence, and Ogunquit. Sure we have expensive suburbs (hello, Dover, Mass!), but we have lots more inexpensive countryside (hello, all of Aroostook County, Maine.)

And best of all: We have gay marriage in Connecticut and Massachusetts, and civil unions in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. (Okay, so Rhode Island is always a bit slow about these things, but give 'em time and buy a summer house for now....)

Rent the UHaul. Pack your bags. And book the Copley Plaza ballroom or the Mystic Aquarium for that spring wedding. Because unlike the rest of the country, it's clear that New England is smart enough to realize that legislating prejudice is not only stupid, it's counterproductive to a healthy economy.

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