Thursday, June 5, 2008

An Open Letter to Senator Barack Obama

Dear Senator,

Our country is so wounded and broken that I doubt anyone could fix it, so please be the person we can all rally around to heal it together. Please be the person we need you to be. Please surround yourself with smart, honest people. Please listen to those smart, honest people, especially when they disagree with you.

Please care. Please make us care again. Please let me believe that we can be the kind of country that our forebears hoped we could be. Please help us be proud to be Americans again.

Please bring home our troops. Please rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan and let them decide their own futures. Please make sure people in this country no longer have to work three jobs only to choose between rent and healthcare.

Please don't let me down.
Please be a good man.
Please beat John McCain's sorry ass in November.
Pleaes take care of yourself.

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