Monday, June 30, 2008

From BSG to BFO

Now, for all three of my readers who watch "Battlestar Galactica" you probably think I'm going to write about the season finale. No. I'm too upset that I'm being made to wait SIX MONTHS to see 12 more episodes so that I can watch them all die miserably or something equally depressing.

And, as far as Barack Frakkin' Obama, I'm too upset about his recent FISA/telecom immunity vote to write about how I snarked at the O-campaign volunteer who tried to recruit me last night. Poor kid. I chewed his ear off about gutting the Fourth Amendment and what a missed opportunity to really stand up for a true voice for change.

But, I'm not writing about that.

I'm actually going to write that fake 'n bake works! I'm pleasantly surprised. Now, for the uninitiated, that's dihydroxyacetone....AKA, fake tanner. It smells weird, but it makes your skin a lovely shade of cultivation of carcinoma necessary!

Despite the whole "stand-there-in-your-birthday-suit-sticky-while-it-dries" element, I'm pleasantly surprised.

I blame Coco Chanel, who, after her trip from Paris to Cannes, cultivated the tan among the previously belly-white upper class French. And the rest is dermatological history.

Okay, additional random flotsam and jetsam:
* Hubby has been quite the jet-setter with a trip to Vegas, then sailing on the floating wine rack. (The French really know how to build a boat.)
* Lord Covington rules. I never thought I'd love a car as much as I love LC. Wax puppets for everyone!
* Weather is interesting. It was 90 degrees in Providence on Saturday, yet an hour a way in Beantown, it was 65 and foggy.
* Weather is interesting, take two. I'm so done with this forecast, "Partly cloudy, humid, with a chance of severe thunderstorms in the morning. Clearing in the afternoon, but with a chance for more severe thunderstorms between 6 and 8." It's been three weeks now. This is not Florida.
* Work is still very silent, but I have a nice chair now.

And really, there isn't much else. Oh, wait, the Zoenator rules.

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