Saturday, December 9, 2006

The TV threw up

And there are wires, not Christmas lights, dressing our living room. Husband is MacGyvering the TV set and the TiVo is now sideways. Not that any of this is really a problem, but I just really need to spew some vitriol at Sandra Lee. (We have a holiday special taped, and I saw preview. I simply MUST drink heavily and vent my spleen at the Preservative Queen as she creates new, nationwide markets for seasoning packets!)

But I cannot. The TV is still dismembered, and the TiVo is sideways, and I'm not convinced that Cook's Illustrated hasn't lied to me about no boil lasagna noodles.

I quibble with Cook's Ilustrated regularly. (And it's not because they keep turning me down for an editorial job, either. Well, maybe it is. But I digress.)

I think they do a fabulous job testing recipes.

I think most of their recipes are good.

I think the recipes are nicely layed-out, and easy to read.

I think most of the recipes take too goddamn much prep time

I don't care how many years the test cook took to determine the best recipe for fudge, or green bean casserole, the prep time takes forever.

Oooooh, how nice. The TiVo is once again connected to the TV set and all is right with the world because "Rudolph" is on, followed by "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".

And there's nothing this gal loves better than singing along to a claymation special whilst consuming a nice Pinot Gris.

Life is good.

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