Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An Uncomfortable Position

And I'm not talking about my sciatica, or my office chair.

For the first time in eight years, I find myself in a very, very difficult position.

I have to be thankful to the man who inspires shoe-tossers everywhere.


I have reason to..cough...cough...thank President Bush.


Well, the rat bastard signed an executive order giving non-essential Executive Branch personnel the day off on 12/26.

Now, do I think the idiot did it out of the kindness of the Christmas Spirit? Do I think that his heart grew three sizes that day? Did he have a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come?


I think some number-crunching peon calculated the total payroll for everyone on vacation that day, compared it to the savings in light, heat, and overtime by closing up shop, and it was an easy answer: No one's going to be here anyway, so I'll come off seeming not so shoe-throwable-at if I do this.

Sadly, the end result is still the same: I have to thank him for the extra vacation day. And believe you me, if you work for the feds....that's a lot. We only get two weeks a year to begin with.

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