Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Post-holiday Post

Ooh, post holiday bloggy goodness. How nice.
And a new year.
And another month of writing "06" on everything and then having to cross it out.

Well, the vacation was nice, and so were the holidays. So, I suppose that helps. And there's a dinner party on Saturday! Yes, I can delay the onset of January for one more weekend. Thank you Miss Q for having a soiree.

And now for something completely different: Three reasons that should be valid for calling in sick to work:
1. My bra doesn't fit right and I can't concentrate.
2. I forgot to iron.
3. I don't like any of my shoes.

And now, three good things for the start of 2007:
1. The iPod seems to be working.
2. I got new slippers for Christmas! Warm feet just in time for New England to embrace global warming!
3. Hope. (Okay, okay, cheesy, but necessary.)

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