Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bad Bosses, Caring, and Your Powerlessness

Believe it or not, the following excerpt comes from a TV review. It is, however, without doubt, the most apt, funniest, and depressingly true thing I've ever read about why your Corporate Overlord does not, and will not, ever care about you:

Caring isn't quantifiable and is therefore highly overrated. Human beings may begin work at a new job feeling seen, heard, appreciated and lauded for extra efforts, but over time, the ability of the bossman or bosswoman to exert the energy necessary for such games of make-believe far outweighs the benefits of doing so. After all, two or three years onto the job, you'll be rumored to have a "mortgage" to pay plus "children" to support, burdens that the powers that be recognize will keep you cemented in your cubicle doing shit ASAP, around the clock, the specter of a crumbling economy and rising unemployment constantly stirring up the fear in your heart. Since fear is a far more effective motivator than "caring," no boss-type-person will be holding your hand or expressing their gratitude until you aim a gun at their heads (hence the current popularity of this option). Besides, your bosses are far too busy buttering up their brand new underlings to bother with the likes of you.

To read the full review, check it out here.

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