Friday, April 24, 2009

Today's Useless Trivia!

Did you know that you cannot leave New England via car, horse, feet, cycle (motor- bi- or uni-) or any land-based mode of transportation for that matter, and get to the rest of the continental United States without crossing a bridge?

Seriously. You can't leave without crossing a bridge. Think I'm wrong?

To the north and northeast: The St. Lawrence.
To the northwest: Lake Champlain.
Due west: The Hudson River.
Southwest: The Harlem River.
Due south: Long Island Sound.

Can't be done.

It's like we're one big, gay-marriage supporting, college-town loving, blueberry-and-potato-growing, lobster-eating island!!!

Phooey on you, Texas! If anyone should secede, we should!

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