Friday, September 14, 2007

When We Were One

Maybe it's because my Dad told me stories of how he wanted to build spaceships....and didn't.

Mabye it's because my parents woke me up, at the age of five, to watch a grainy, black and white televised image on a hot July night and I didn't understand what was going, but it felt important.

Mabye it's because now, in middle age, when the world seems so very, very wrong, I want to hope again.

We need it now, so desperately. We had it once, for a very brief period of time.

We were one people, one race, one species. We left our little blue planet and went into space. We went outward—together, as a nation, as a whole world.

So if you can—particularly if you're younger than me, or if didn't have a Dad who wanted to send people into space, and a Mom who thought it was exciting enough to wake up a five year old on a hot July night—go see this movie, In the Shadow of the Moon.

Because we need hope again.

We need to go outward again.

We need to be one again.

And I think, maybe, it's the only way we're going to make it.

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