Thursday, February 22, 2007

A P.S. on Publishing

First, it was Jordan Marsh.

Then it was The Boston Globe.

Followed by Filene's.

What next? Larry Luchino and George Steinbrenner get wise to the economies of scale, merge, and have The Boston Yankees play against their sister franchise, The New York Sox?

Enough with the Manhanttanization of the land of the b 'n c....already.

And the benefits of merging are apparently not lost on The Grey Lady's editors, who seem to be assigning stories to both theirGlobe and Timesunderlings on a "kill two birds with one stone" basis. Otherwise, how do you explain this story in The New York Times, and this story The Boston Globeboth of which appeared on the February 21.

Or is it that Wednesday is still Prince Spaghetti Day?

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